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Subjects and programs


Business contexts within contemporary society present a range of challenges to people in their roles as citizens, consumers, workers, small business owners or entrepreneurs. The aim of the Business Education Faculty is to develop students' thinking, investigating, creating, communicating, participating, evaluating and reflecting skills to meet the challenges they are faced with. The Business Education Faculty strives to provide students with up-to-date relevant information on current industry practices and  the ever changing technologies.

Creative Arts

Dance provides students with the opportunity to choreograph, perform and appreciate dance. Students build fitness, coordination and the ability to analyse, interpret and evaluate.  Drama enables students to communicate dramatic ideas and concepts. Students develop skills in creating, performing and responding. Film, Television and New Media examines how television programs and films represent the world and how audiences respond to them. Our school offers new digital facilities which giving students the opportunity to produce films, documentaries, television shows and music clips. Music cultivates in students an enduring love of and lifelong involvement in music. Students become familiar with music technologies as well as exploring performance, analysis and composition. Visual Art provides students with the opportunity to develop skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, textiles, printmaking, ceramics, digital photography and digital imaging. Students are exposed to artworks from many different cultures and artists from both contemporary and traditional times.

For more information open our Creative Arts Overview Document (PDF 1.7MB), or  contact Jackie Yarwood on


In English at Cleveland District State High School, all ability  levels are catered for.  Extension classes are created from Year 8 and students who are excelling in the subject are given the opportunity to extend themselves through the challenge of more complex texts and in depth discussion and tasks. These classes equip students to undertake the extra subject English Extension in Year 12 as they develop more critical thinking skills. An understanding of the world around us is vital and the Social Sciences are essential in developing that understanding. At Cleveland District State High School in Year 8 and 9, we offer History and Geography which introduces students to these disciplines. In Year 9, students can also choose Ancient History. These subjects lead on to more in depth studies as electives in Year 10, 11 and 12.


Cleveland High offers three Languages Other Than English (LOTE) from year 7 to year 12. These are French, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. We are the only school in the Redlands Bayside area that offers three languages via face to face classroom teaching and one of only a few schools in Queensland that do so. We also offer students the opportunity to study any other language via distance electronic learning mode in our new distance learning centre.


Cleveland District State High school is committed to the continual improvement of your student’s lifelong numeracy skills. The aims of the mathematics course are to provide students with a range of skills and areas of understanding which are:

  • associated with numeracy

  • necessary for present roles in society

  • required by other subject areas

  • important as a basis for further study in mathematics

  • useful in the technological society

  • essential for communication

Health and Physical Education

Cleveland District State High Schools Health and Physical Education Department aims to provide all students with maximum opportunity to succeed in sport by offering students a huge range of sports both intra and inter school, and an array of competitions in which to participate.  This sporting platform will be supported by student’s involvement in classroom theory and assessment that will enhance their health and fitness knowledge and will prepare them to make better health choices.


In year 8 all students do Science for 3 terms and 1 term of Agriculture. They do units that have lots of hands on activities so as to engage their interest in Science and Agriculture.  In Year 9 students choose to do either Science or Agriculture and also have a choice of electives such as Science Research and Technology, an extension Science subject, Animal husbandry an extension Agricultural subject. Students are grouped according to results obtained in year 8. In these groups they cover term topics of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Astronomy choose which strand of Science they want to do.  In Year 10 student choose from 6 Science and Agricultural subjects which will be taught by a specialist teacher. These include Physical Science, Living Science, Environmental & Agricultural Science, Science Research & Technology, Certificate in Rural Operations, Certificate in Animal Studies. This subjects enable teachers to produce high quality units of work that are interesting and give students insight into these subjects to help them choose Senior Science subjects in year 11 & 12.


The Home Economics department offers a range of subjects across years 8 - 12.  The main focus of Home Economics is the well being of the family and the individual. The subject area combines theory and practical applications related to industrial systems and control, graphical communication, product design and manufacture. Students design and create products using contemporary materials, tools, equipment, processes and techniques. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Creative Arts

    Cleveland District State High School has a very strong Creative Arts department that manages subjects such as Drama, Multimedia, Music, Visual Arts and Dance.