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Throughout semester 1, staff and students will be looking at the Habits of Mind (HoM).  The HoMs form part of the Dimensions of Learning framework we have adopted and are based on the research by Art Costa and Bena Kallick.  Habits of Mind are the 16 habits employed by successful thinkers and are useful in both school and home environments.  Teachers and families are finding that the Habits of Mind help clarify their goals and expectations for their children. They help to make the qualities we are trying to engender in students clear.

The language of the Habits of Mind allows parents, grandparents, extended family, children and the school as well to share a common vocabulary about what's important. Keeping all the significant adults in a child’s life on the same page, sharing the same language about thinking, has proven to be enormously powerful in many homes.

So far, we have explored Persisting, Thinking Flexibly, Managing Impulsivity and Striving for Accuracy.  In coming weeks, every HoM will be discussed in specifically designed lessons delivered across all year levels.  Students are asked questions such as, “What’s another word for this Habit of Mind?  What professions would value this habit the most?  When have you had to use this habit in your life?”.

If you would like to learn more about Habits of Mind and how they can be used at home and at school, please go to the following website:   Alternatively, they are also outlined in the student diaries issued to all students at the start of the year.