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Raspberry Pi on the menu


​Once upon a time a Raspberry Pi was a delicious dessert!  Not any more!  It is a compact yet powerful microcomputer that Year 10 students at Cleveland District State High School have been using.

This term students in Information Technology Studies have been working to construct and configure their own computer using a tiny microcomputer no bigger than a can of sardines.  The Raspberry Pi boasts 2 USB ports, a High Definition (HDMI) graphics output and runs from an SD Card (the same as you put into your digital camera).  All that is needed to make a computer is a USB keyboard and mouse and a monitor with DVI input – or it can be plugged into the HDMI input of a digital television.  All up cost?  Less than $50!

Students so far have formatted their SD cards, copied the Linux-based operating system, Raspbarian, onto the cards, connected their Raspberry Pi up and started it up.  They have installed the operating system, configured it and then learnt about the command line interface and the XWindows interface.  They have been able to install software from USB drives and even network their computers.  Currently, they are learning to program in Python, which is the language of choice on the Raspberry Pi.  Pictures below show students using their Raspberry Pi microcomputers.